Maximizing Daily Productivity Tip #3: Remove all things from your “sacred work area” that can cause you to become distracted.

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Serve to Profit - $ell without Selling

No matter your industry, it’s very likely that you have strong competition vying for your customer’s business. A highly effective sales staff is critical to your company’s success. In the Aim High Sales Empowerment Program, every sales consultant is assessed (as needed) in the areas of:
  • prospecting and cold calling
  • relationship selling
  • closing
  • overcoming objections
  • upselling
  • account management    
As strengths and areas of improvement are uncovered, the participant dynamically builds on their strengths and learns ways to overcome limitations. Upon completion of this workshop, the sales consultant will experience a tangible increase in both confidence and skill, all leading to higher revenues for your organization.