Maximizing Daily Productivity Tip #3: Remove all things from your “sacred work area” that can cause you to become distracted.

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Lifelong Customers Through Revolutionary Service - Protect Your Asset

If you’re paid a commission, you know how important your customers are. If you’re not paid a commission, your company’s customers directly or indirectly affect the revenues that supply your paycheck. The bottom line is that customers make or break every company’s success, and customer service is crucial to maintaining that success. In this performance workshop, you and/or your customer service representatives will learn how to:
  • recognize who your best customers are (they’re not who you think they are)

  • successfully nurture customer relationships

  • manage all types of difficult customers

  • disarm the most aggressive customer

  • transform the most challenging customers into your best allies

  • create and cultivate a reputation that will have new and existing customers calling on YOU for your business